Adam Mcleod Dreamhealer

Adam Mcleod Dreamhealer

WE HAVE all heard that the power of our positive thinking has a direct influence on our biology. It sounds simple. Many of us accept that this is true as we have all known people who enjoy a more fulfilling life than those with a negative outlook. Although intellectually we may accept the power of positive thinking, few of us know how to effectively maximize its potential.

The latest biological research supports our ability to influence our own reality. Our wellness is directly related to our thoughts, emotions and intentions. Each of us has the capacity to focus our intentions and energy on effectively harnessing this ability when given some guidance. In order to be effective, healing must happen on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.

Throughout our lives, we are constantly balancing and rebalancing our state of well being. Our thoughts and how we choose to perceive them are governed by our intentions. By tapping into this innate resource, you can always improve your health or any aspect of your life.

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